Our Team


Owner / Paddleboarder

Nick has been designing Stand up Paddleboards since early 2008 and named his core brand after his 1st Born Boy ‘Sunny King’, and it was 3 years later a Woman’s Series SUP was created when daughter ‘Stevie King’ was born.

Nick has been surfing since he was 4yrs old & been competing in Ultra Endurance Ironman Triathlons for the past 15 yrs around the Globe. His Passion & Love for the ocean was mixed with the cross training benefits and lifestyle advantages of riding Stand Up Paddleboards to create what is now ‘SUNNY KING PADDLEBOARDS’.

Nick says “I discovered SUP around 2005 & I found that it ticked so many boxes (from surfing, flatwater, racing, whitewater, sup yoga or even just floating down your local waterway enjoying the view!) it really has no demographic of a type of paddler that can get out on the water either, and getting Fit & Healthy at the same time!!

My real passion though is getting the younger generation of kids engaged and back outdoors (& off the ipads, tv’s & couch!) & into healthier enjoyable lifestyles. The growth of Stand Up Paddleboarding is truly endless in Australia & I’m REALLY EXCITED to be a part of the SUP Evolution, COME JOIN US!”

Paige King

Owner / Paddleboarder

Paige has a vast amount of experience and background in the Health & Fitness Industry as a Certified Personal Trainer. Paige’s passion to get as many people involved in outdoor activities (and off the couch) has been the reason for her transition from Fitness Modelling and PT Work to now being a Full Time SUP Ambassador for Sunny King Paddleboards. Her passion for healthy fit living is infectious!

Michael Abdilla

Waterman / Factory Manager

We are STOKED to have Michael ‘Onboard’ and working with us at SUP Warehouse! He’s one of Victoria’s top rated Paddleboarder’s with his main passion in SUP Downwinder’s & more recently as a pioneer in the growth of the ‘Wingding/Foil’ to Bayside Waters!! He’s a Dad, Personal Trainer, Paddler & All Round Nice Bloke who’s ready to help our Customer’s get on the best SUP Equipment from our SUP Warehouse! We are STOKED to have him!!

Neill Blake

Passionate SUP Rider / Factory Assistant

Neill was introduced to the sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding in early 2014 by us when he bought his first Sunny King SUP!

He loved our Passion, Customer Service and time spent with all our Customers (on & off the water) that he wanted to Join our Sunny King Team!! Neill’s wife & two amazing kids subsequently fell in love with the sport and instantly they had 5x SK paddleboards for all occasions and SUP his now something they regularly do together.

Neill’s love of this amazing sport is evident the first time you speak with him and his fast growing knowledge is priceless as he knows all the questions to answer as he was a Newbie only last year himself!

Many companies employee Factory Managers & Salesmen… We only employ Passionate SUP Riders into our SK Team!


Even from a very young age these two little legends have been a big part of our Design Team for our Entire Range of Sunny & Stevie King Paddleboards, Surfboards, Longboards & SUP Accessories!!

We love working as a Family on everything we do. It sure is  a TEAM Effort here at Sunny King Paddleboards!!